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Happy International Women's Day 2021 - Debra Trappen
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Happy International Women’s Day 2021

In honor of International Women’s Day, I am excited to share stories of amazing women in my life.

In the last twelve months, I have had the pleasure of working with and/or interviewing each of the women below.

Read through the list and click on her name to read a bit more about each woman and listen to our conversation over on the podcast.

As always, it is an honor to introduce you to these magnificent Lionesses!








These lionesses joined me for a #MoxieChat over on my Facebook Page… you can watch the replays or listen to the interviews via the links here:


Tami Bonnell – Disciplined. Compassionate. Authentic.

Cherika Johnson – Driven. Determined. Loyal.

Luisa Chavez – Transparent. Spiritual. Giving.

Elisha Alcantara – Energy. Resilient. Confident.

Carla Hayes – Curious. Forward-Thinking. Passionate.

Kerri Hartnett – Inspiring. Connection. Authentic.

Brenda Meyer – we talked about love, loss, and leading in times of crisis.

Vy Luu – Conscientious. Enthusiastic. Inconstant.

Ginger Wilcox – Passionate. Driven. Caring.

Heather Fink – Determined. Kind. Curious.

Sherry Chris – Brand Builder. Lifestyle Enthusiast. Philanthropist.

Dena Jones – Creative. Curious. Fun.

Ameeta Jain – Compassionate. Hungry. Centered.

April Grace – weeks into our “shelter in place” orders, she joined me for hair hacks to keep us all rockin’ on zoom!

Coni Meyers – we talk about overcoming and being prepared for crises and disasters… and her new course!

Terri Murphy – she had me on her show to talk about “Releasing Your Inner Lioness”!

Tracey Hawkins – our topic – Being Safe in a Virtual World!

Shelley Zavitz – we had a chat about supporting new agents during the pandemic and beyond. Check out her NewAgent365 program!

Kama Burton – she joined Molly and me for a chat about Being Better Allies on Spill the Tea.

Jill Nichols-Hicks – we chatted about personal core values over on her Illuminating Women group!

Molly McKinley – we hosted 30 Spill the Tea episodes in 2020… and are still going strong!









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Want to shine a light on a woman in your world?

To celebrate Women’s History Month, I am working with the WomanUP!® Movement on a social media challenge: SHINE A LIGHT ON HER!

Who has inspired you? Maybe she is a mentor? boss? friend? colleague? sibling? Mom?

This is your opportunity to take action, shine a light on her, and say thank you!

Fill out this super simple form and share how she has impacted you: iamwomanup.com/shinealight




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